Women & Girls

• Equality Now

Equality Now

Equality Now is a small group of lawyers who fight for women and girls all over the world suffering horrendous human rights violations such as being sold and exploited in the commercial sex trade, honor killings, and female genital mutilation.

They try to rescue and protect them by changing the laws one case at a time. Their track record is outstanding but sadly there are so many cases and they are in need of all of our help to raise awareness, consciousness, and change our thinking and how we as a world see and treat women and girls.

Their overhead is low and all of their money goes into their cases which have mobilized international action to support efforts to stop these abuses.


• Team True Beauty

Team True Beauty

One person had an idea…voiced it to others and turned it into a conversation…that conversation turned into a movement…that movement turned into a campaign…that campaign turned into an organization…that organization is passionate about telling everyone that true beauty is from the inside!

Team True Beauty was started on twitter by some One Tree Hill fans and it has grown into an online support group where girls can go if they’re feeling negative about themselves and their body image. Click here to visit their website.