Our Melrose Place Reunion

So we did a Melrose Place photo shoot but I can’t tell you the magazine or show you pics from the actual set until it hits the stands—and I have plenty of pics behind the scenes because I got my daring makeup artist Jamie to stand on the sidelines and snap away w her phone! I’m allowed to post those early October when the issue hits the stands.. Good Morning America also interviewed us and that will air the same week. I’ll tweet it out.

BUT I CAN POST THESE… Some of us went out for drinks after the shoot. We went to The Culver Hotel in Culver city took over a corner and caught up.

The thing we kept saying was what a great time we had making the show, and how we wish we had appreciated it then as much as we do now. That is a lesson learned from growing up, living life, and yes, getting older. The 90’s were an innocent time to be on a tv show, it was fun, and there wasn’t the crazy paparazzi there is today, in fact the lot we filmed on barely had security! We loved seeing each other again though all our lives have gone in different directions, we all exchanged emails and phone numbers and vowed to stay in touch. OH, and Grant Show is sooo happy now. A newlywed, he’s mellowed and outgrown the bad mood he was in for those MP years! (he says it himself)

There is a picture with Amy Robach, Andrew’s wife, who interviewed us for GMA.

With gratitude for the opportunity and for all the fans of MP,