New Faves!

Latest book I’ve read, The Goldfinch, is-a warning, not an upbeat read! BUT, the characters, the story, all the things that happen in Theo’s life just sucked me in. It’s a long one, 771 pages and I’m a slow reader, so I was intimidated, but THANK GOD I took the plunge! I just fell in love with the characters, the way Donna Tartt writes, big stuff happens, but the small details, the descriptions, keep you there, in her very visual story. I LOVED.
My mother on the other hand got a third of the way through and things were too down for her so I sat and told her the rest of the book. I was happy to relive it again.

Sam Smith In The Lonely Hour His voice, like of a angel. Mellow, moody, like he has a lot of trouble with love. I hope it gets better for him, but that the music stays…simple and moody.

Coldplay Ghost Stories I remember when Parachutes came out, I was obsessed. Obsessed. Went to their concert at The Wiltern in LA. So, that was a few years ago, like before they exploded into the biggest band in the world! I’m loving this one, Haunting, moody, simple. I like having it on in the house…