LA River Kayaking Photos!

I’m on the Board of the LA River Revitalization Corp and today we paddled the LA river!!! Ok so truthfully, only part of it-I mean it’s 51 miles long. The LA Conservation Corps is hosting kayak trips all summer, other wise it’s illegal to kayak. But we want to change all that! What an amazing way to see the river that runs right through the 2nd largest city in the country! We could not tell we were in the city (except for plastic bags hanging from tree branches here the there. (Omar, our Director and Gretchen, from Fox brought some to shore, clearly the better people) And look at the turtle I saw!

The goal of the RRC is to make more of the river more beautiful and user friendly in many different sustainable ways! If you want to become a part of our efforts we’d love to have you, or if you just wanna stay in touch, sign up here: