Daphne on cover of Contact Yoga: Seven Points of Connection and Relationship

In Paperback, by Tara Guber. Brand new in eBook today!
On February 4, CONTACT will be released by Insight Editions as an enhanced e-book, containing additional pieces that include a 15 minute meditation by Deepak Chopra, and an introduction by Tony Robbins, plus audio and video footage, making it one of the most advanced yoga e-books available today.

I participated in my friend Tara Guber’s yoga book, Contact Yoga. We all had a great day finding ourselves in poses that asked for our trust. This pose helped open my heart, and stretch my hip that had been injured from running. I love yoga for many reasons. We bring the lessons we learn on the mat into our life. Trust, open heartedness, try new things, rest, doesn’t matter if you fall, you try it again.

You can get your copy here.