Going Green!

Going Green

I’ve moved my website to a dahnezuniga.green.

www.daphnezuniga.green reflects my passionate concern for the environment and my active involvement in projects that promote a healthier lifestyle for people and the planet.

For more information, or how you can join, visit the growing global .green community.

LA River Revitalization Corporation

LA River Revitalization Project

Daphne Zuniga currently serves on the board of this revitalization project.

There are many reasons to revitalize the historic Los Angeles River. Open space creation, rainwater reclamation, neighborhood revival, expansion of recreational activities, aquifer replenishment, and job creation. Perhaps the most important rationale has been best articulated by author D.J. Waldie:

As we begin to encounter the river as a place, not as abstraction, we encounter each other. The riverbank is not the perfect place for this meeting, but it’s the only place we have that extends the length of metropolitan Los Angeles and along nearly all the borders of our social divides. Think of the river we’re making as the anti-freeway—not dispersing L.A. but pulling it together.

Learn More at the LA River Revitalization Corporation.